Penguin movie watch online

Penguin Movie 2020 Watch online| Dubbed tamil movie

Penguin Movie 2020 Watch online | Recently Penguin Movie is released. penguin is a mystery thriller film.this movie is directed by Eashvar Karthic. Producer of this movie is Karthik Subbaraj. this movie is relased on 19 june 2020. you can watch online this movie in Amazon prime.

Penguin movie watch online

Here is the casting of Penguin movie

Casting of Penguin Movie
Keerthy Suresh played role as character  Rhythm Muraliplayed role as character Bhavana’s father
Lingaa played Role as character Raghu Aishwarya Ramaniplayed role as character Anjana
Madhampatty Rangaraj  played role as character Gautham Uma Shankarplayed role as character Bhavana’s mother
Master Advaithplayed role as character Ajay Tharini Sureshplayed role as character Anjana’s mother
Mathiplayed role as character David Thilak Rammohanplayed role as character an inspector
Nithya Kirubhaplayed role as character Bhavana Sai Jivithaplayed role as character young Bhavana
Hariniplayed role as character Abhi Shakthiplayed role as character preteen Bhavana
Thejankplayed role as character Kathir Umarplayed role as character young Ajay
Maddyplayed role as character Cyrus Muthazhaganplayed role as character a stranger in the lake
Vadivelplayed role as character a cab driver

How to Watch Penguin Movie online for free

Step by Step process to watch Penguin Movie for free

  1. Open Amazon prime for Free Prime membership .
  2. Register & add your card detail. (Dont worry no money will deducted).
  3. Now open app & search ”Penguin Movie”.
  4. Watch full movie for free
  5. after 30 Days , you can end the subscription if you don’t want further.

Music of Penguin movie

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) language
1 “Kolame” Vivek Susha Tamil
No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) language
1 “Praname” Vennelakanti Susha Telugu
No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) language
1 “Omale” Vivek Susha Malayalam

Reviews of Penguin Movie

here are some honest reviews directly by early birds viewers

Vijay Srivatsan : 4/5 rating

I would say it was a fantastic movie. Keerthy suresh’s acting was amazing. She has done her role perfectly. The story revolves around her lost kid and the many more in the town. She becomes dejected and depressed and starts her attempts to find her son for 6 years. But that’s that half the story. There is more for which you need to watch. Positives I would say are good acting, good story, suspense Negatives: loopholes, some illogical sequences, starting the movie scene with a kid’s slaughter (Scenes like this becoming regular in thriller movies, can be without it too) Overall I will say this is a fantastic movie.. but watch it with strong heart

SNEHA SATISH : 4/5 rating

I honestly just watched it for Keerthi. Here’s what I felt… Movie starts off really well and sometimes I wondered if it was horror (LOL) but no. Before interval, it had an amazing buildup. Cinematography at its best. After that I kept hoping it would surprise me, shock me but not as much. Though its intended to be portrayed that way but somewhere falls short a little. When you’re a sucker for crime thriller/thriller fantasy, the story in our imagination is quite superior and you keep expecting more. The climax fell short for me. It needed more soul. The main antagonist had to act better. It needed more intensity but sadly lacked soul. I kept improvising the acting of the main villian in my mind🙊😅 The game a little before climax reminded me of Vikram Vedha’s “Oru kadhai soluta Sir” but didn’t give me the same chills. Overall, it’s a one time watch. Maybe even considered good according to many. But we, suckers for Crime thriller are tough ones to please anyway.😅

Mersal King : 4/5 rating

Movie starts with a crime thriller but, end withs a normal revenge story. #KeerthySuresh given another brilliant performance 👌👏👍. Loved the work of cinematography and music. Interrogation scene towards climax feels lengthy also unexpected twist in the end is plus. #Villain character perfectly disclosed. Finally its a worth watchable film from #EswarKarthik and team 👍👌.

Sai Pranay: 2/5 Rating
One word is keerthi suresh performance…yes it’s her performance which is content of film…all other failed pathetically….director really got confused focusing on which arena mother sentiment or a thriller movie….if u r expecting a thrilling experience then it is laughable play…climax is too worst and routine…..first 40 minutes is just playing around only few interesting scenes will be showcased… supporting characters RHYTHUM husbands first one as raghu did a decent job second one Gotham is struggling to present….rhythum is shown as mother in pain of losing child but why envy to character??? she married and about to have a second child with in one year of marriage in film what director wants to tell by this???? He might mean mother didn’t gave up even after about to have another life..but it didnt conveyed well..audience disconnects with rhythm pain of mother in this aspect…movie is only for keerthi performance and acting..0ut 2.5 …2.4 is for keerthi performance and 0.1 is rest..for cinematography..promoting this as a physiological thriller is biggest sin…which makes people to expect an thriller and then get disappointed…cyrus is an impressive dog…keerthi and black labrador are only dominant characters in film…
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Story of Penguin movie

Here Story detail published in India Today

” In the very first scene of Penguin, we get to see a mysterious assailant thrashing an innocent kid using an axe. Before we can feel the shock, we realise that its actually a dream Rhythm (Keerthy Suresh) is having. She is pregnant. She panics and calls her husband Gautham (Madhampatty Rangaraj) who is mostly busy with official meetings.

The narrative shifts back in time, where we get to see Rhythm spending some beautiful time with her two-year-old kid Ajay. She is seen leading a happy life with Raghu (Linga), her first husband, until a mysterious umbrella man shatters their dreams by abducting her son. The loss puts an end to their marriage as well.

Six years later, those gory nightmares and unfulfilled love of a mother for her child, forces Rhythm to embark on a dangerous journey, with her trained dog, to find her lost son. Will she rescue her loved one or unravel a bigger mystery that is kept secret for years? Penguin celebrates motherhood in every single frame. Keerthy Suresh’s character emphasises that a mother would go to any extent to save her child, no matter what. The scene where she confronts a psychopath, with a seven-month-old baby in her womb, summarises it all.

There is a tautness to the storytelling, especially until the interval, that keeps us hooked. But, but the problem arises as we near the pre-climax. The narrative falters when the director reveals to us the backstory of the murderer. It’s silly and doesn’t do justice to the struggles the characters in the film had gone through. Just when you expect an emotional punch in the gut, the director offers us something in contrast, which is definitely difficult to explain.

Maybe the first half forced us to expect more. That said, the performance of Keerthy Suresh is what holds the entire film. She is very natural and has given it all to live the character of Rhythm. Though she looks young, Keerthy manages to convince us that she can portray the role of a mother with ease.

The way she displays fear and anxiety on her face is quite believable and makes us empathise with the character. The other reason to watch the film is for its technical aspects. Rather than showing gory visuals, which the film actually demands, the director makes use of editing and music to make us feel the violence.

Santhosh Narayanan’s background score is simple yet intriguing. It resonates with the mood of the film and adds that emotional quotient. This is true especially for the scenes in the second half, which do not seem to breathe life. ”

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